Founded in 1998, MANPOWER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT`S is a reputed Placement and Headhunt company of repute specialized in Top level of Recruitment,Recruitment at large scale,We always get the challenging headhunt assignment from our clients to complete in very short notice.We are one of the oldest company for the complete A ro Z Recruitment for large NHAI  Projects,Metro Projects,Oil & Gas Offshore/Onshore Recruitment,Hydro Electric Power Projects,Water & Irrigation Projects,Hotel & Commercial Projects,Building & Township Projects Pipe Replacement Projects,Industrial Projects,Railway & Bridge Projects ,Marine ,Jetty & Port Projects (All Projects from green stage to Commissioning which includes tendering,Design & Operation).  

We work with all small to large organisations,MNC`s ,Business houses across the verticles , 

Service &Industry Practice Areas

  • Energy, Infrastructure, Engineering, Civil & Industrial Construction.
  • Oil & Gas, Process, Chemical & Pharma Industries.
  • Real Estate, Property Development, & Architectures.
  • Civil, Architect, Engineering& Process Design,
  • Logistics &Supply Chain, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical, Health, Hospitality,& Wellness.
  • Marketing & Communication.
  • Hospitality, Retail, Education & Resource.
  • Non-profit, Financial & Professional Services.
  • Technology, IT, Entertainment ,Legal & Financials.
  • Mining, Cement, Fertilizer, cotton & Refined Industries.
  • Media, Diamond & Jewelry ,Fitness s &Health Club industries. 

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